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Planet Yantra- Surya (SUN)

Surya (SUN) Yantra
Sun ( Surya ) – One of its names is Aditya ("first born") Sun is the source of energ..
Planet Yantra- Chandra (MOON)

Sri Chandra Yantra – Moon planet of Emotions
Moon is very important planet in Indian Astrology because the Horoscope Rashi (Moon Sign) is govern ..
Planet Yantra- Mangal (MARS) Yantra

Mangal Yantra -(Lord Hanuman)
Yantra for Property, Progeny, Conveyance and Marriage a guarantee against vehicular actions. Get ..
Planet Yantra - Budha (Mercury)Yantra

Budha (Mercury)Yantra
For Business Development, Communication, Sales & Marketing, Memory & Study Success in Exams...
Planet Yantra-Brihaspati Jupitor(GURU)

Jupitor (GURU) Brihaspati Yantra
Planet of Good Luck – Wealth – Knowledge – Marriage – Relationship – H..
Planet Yantra-Shukra Love & Attraction

Shukra (Venus) Yantra
Yantra for Love, Romance, Luxury, Emotional Attachments, Media, Films, TV Serials & Music Relate..
Planet Yantra- Shani (Saturn) Yantra

Shani (Saturn) Yantra
Shani Dev Yantra, Saturn Yantra, Yantras for Shani Mahadasha and Shani Sade Sati or Shani Dhaiya. ..
Planet Yantra - Rahu Yantra

Rahu Yantra
Removes Malefic / Negative effects of Rahu in Your Horoscope Rahu Yantra is to appease the Shado..
Planet Yantra - Ketu Yantra

Ketu Yantra
Removes Malefic / Negative effects of Ketu in Your Horoscope The Ketu Yantra is the Yantra for s..